La Bélière combines Jazz and Good Food in Paris

I’ve written about my favorite chef in Paris, Jacques BROSSE, before. He’s prone to moving around, which means I’ve been able to enjoy his cooking in a variety of restaurants. His latest restaurant is La Bélière Welcome, a hopping joint with a long history of its own.
Jazz dinner in Paris
La Bélière sits on rue Daguerre in the Montparnasse area. It’s a comfortable restaurant with a steady diet of Jazz and friendly service. Unlike many restaurants that mix music with food, La Bélière truly delivers on the cuisine. Visitors for many years have noted the quality food and Jacques’ entrance makes this a certainty.

Jazz Music

This are two face to La Bélière. The first is for dinner, where food takes the attention and music provides the backdrop. However, the focus shifts in the late hours as the kitchen shuts down and it becomes a vibrant Jazz bar. The owner’s been known to keep the place open and hopping until the sun rises. So plan on taking your time and possibly staying much later than you expected.

The Menu

Unfortunately there are not a lot of options on the menu for vegetarians. However, don’t let that stop you. Ask for the plate des legumes. This is a selection of vegetables being served with the various dinner plates. Jacques is a master at blending traditional French cuisine with Asian and Mediterranean dishes. You’ll be surprised by the variety. This is usually a good option for vegans as well.

There’s also a tomato/mozzarella mille-feuille salad that is amazing. It comes with ham but simply ask for it “sans jambon”. This is a full meal in itself.

The menu at this restaurant hasn’t changed much over the years; so keep an eye out for the daily specials. This is where Jacques has more room to stretch his culinary muscles. You may also want to make reservations several days in advance and ask for vegetarian options. Jacques speaks English fluently, so you can say hello while you are dining. Actually, everyone that works there seems to speak excellent English.

Dinner should cost between 15-30 euros, depending on your desire for dessert and/or drinks. The meals are large so plan on sharing an appetizer and watch out for the mother of all profiteroles for dessert. She’s a whopper!

La Beliere
74 rue Daguerre (14°)
Metro: Denfert Rochereau
01 40 47 52 66
Wheelchair Friendly: seating and entrance is easy. Bathrooms are in the basement.
  • Overall: 4/5
  • Value: 4/5
  • Location: 4/5
  • Taste: 5/5
  • Ambiance: 5/5
  • Vegetarian Options: 2.5/5
  • Vegan Options: 2/5

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