Pain, Vin, Fromages – the name says it all.

Pain, Vin, Fromage restaurant in Paris at NightHow long will you be in France? A day, week, or month? Will you have enough time to experience the best aspects of French cuisine? Maybe, if you visit Pain, Vin, Fromages, a small restaurant in the Marais district of Paris. The name says it all, you’ll find great bread and a wide assortment of French cheeses and wines.

I haven’t had the opportunity to eat here yet, but I’ve walked by and it looked very good. Of course, I’m a bit jaded. I have two major vices: bread and cheese. So this restaurant hit a soft spot.

The menu

Their menu is simple and well thought out. The items, not surprisingly, fall into three categories: bread, wine, and cheese. Each item, from the bread sticks to the 50 varieties of cheese, is carefully chosen and paired with wine by Vincent Durand, the resident oenologist.

Vegans are not going to find a lot of choices at this restaurant. But lacto vegetarians should love the extensive cheese selections, tartines, and most importantly the fondues.

Pain, Vin, Fromages is conveniently located near the Centre Pompidou in the Marais. It’s only open for dinner.

Pain, vin, fromages restaurant
3, Rue Geoffroy-l’Angevin, 75004 Paris (4°)
01 42 74 07 52
Open everyday from 7 p.m. to 11.30 p.m.
Metro: Rambuteau
Wine bar

Aligot in Paris – Aveyron festival October 9-11, 2009

Aveyron festival posterDon’t miss the Aligot festival this weekend in the 12th arr. near Park de Bercy. To be fair, it’s not just aligot but also a celebration of the Aveyron region of France. The Marché des Pays de l’Aveyron festival takes place October 9-11, right in front of my favorite cafe, the Parisian Sweet Bar.

Aligot is a stringy white cheese that is laboriously stirred with potatoes to create a heavenly, yet very filling dish. It’s a rich mashed potato dish that makes even the sturdiest potluck bowls of Alabama pale in contrast. After all, the region is known for its hardy, rustic cuisine.

This is also a great time to sample and purchase confiture, honey, and other local products. I always keep an eye out for socks and other items made from the Angora goats. Making aligot at a Paris marketThese regional festivals are perfect for tourists in Paris that are looking for a quick shopping/eating excursion. Wine lovers can find wonderful bottles that are impossible to find back home. They are free to join and you can expect ample samples and smiles.

Just try to look past the fois gras, sausages, and other meaty products.

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Pain, Vin, Fromage – a Wine and Cheese Bar

Vin fromage charcuterie in ParisParis is filled with niche restaurants, cafes, and bars. You can find cafes that serve massages with lunch (No Stress Cafe), cafes centered around philosophy, technology (La Cantine), there was even a restaurant whose dining room was in complete darkness. Pain, Vin, Fromage is a new niche restaurant worth checking out for lacto vegetarians.

Pain, Vin, Fromage features 50 artisinal cheeses and 40 wines available by the glass or bottle. They also serve charcuterie (sausages, salamis, and other meat products). They are a new restaurant in the Marais/Republique neighborhood. It may take a little bit of searching but looks like a nice place for those that enjoy cheese and wine.

I didn’t have time to eat here the night I discovered it. However, the menu and restaurant looked interesting and unique. The prices were reasonable, the clients were happy, and the location is great. They also offer catering and group parties.

Pain, Vin, Fromage
9 rue Crussol (11°)
Metro: Oberkampf, Filles du Calvaire
06 15 33 58 46

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