l’Epicerie Verte – Organic groceries and lunch

L’Epicerie Verte is a popular, small shop behind the Ternes farmer’s market on rue Saussier Leroy. They sell high quality organic groceries and serve light meals from lunch to early dinner.
L'epicerie Vert - organic groceries and restaurant in the 17th.
I discovered l’Epicerie Verte while returning to work from lunch at another restaurant. So I have not tried it yet. However, the reviews on several French web sites has been promising. Here’s a short review from Annuaire-Parisien.Com:

Cette boutique de produits biologiques devient le midi un snack où vous pourrez commander tartes et salades à des prix tout doux. Une unique table avec des tabourets hauts vous permettra de lier connaissance avec d’autres végétariens.

Restaurants végétariens Paris 17

Across the street is Etik, a store that sells global, ethical, bio-diverse gifts and merchandise. You can eat organic, shop organic, and support the independent workshops in one little block.

l’Epicerie Verte
5 rue Saussier Leroy (17°)
01 47 64 19 65
Metro: Ternes
Organic groceries and light meals

Vegetarian Thanksgiving in Paris

Thursday is just another day for most Parisians. But for the expats, it’s a time to defrost the Tofurkey, gather your friends and have a feast. With that in mind, i wanted to share a few links.

20, rue Saint Paul (4°)
01 42 77 68 28 or 29
Metro: St.Paul, Sully Morland
Cajun restaurant and American groceries

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Le Fierbois Yogurt

Le Fierbois YogurtLast week I noticed a small bottle of Lemon Le Fierbois yogurt in the fromagerie stand at my local market. In a fit of whimsy, I added it to my order. It sat in my fridge for a few days and I remembered it while looking for breakfast yesterday.

This was an eye opener! I’ve had premium yogurts before. In the US, they are typically creamier and the fruit is not swimming in a sugar sauce. But nothing like this yogurt. It has bite. It has character. It has chunks of lemon peel and fruit.

Needless to say, this yogurt is filled with taste.

It comes directly from the farms of Touraine, in the Loire Valley. You can purchase this online from FoundIt4Food in the UK. Expect to pay around 1.10 Euros at your local fromagerie in France.

I also like the glass bottles with resealable lids. These will be great for water jars while painting in the field.