Marché des Producteurs de Pays, 21 et 22 NOVEMBRE 2009

I love the Marché des Producteurs de PaysMarché des Producteurs de Pays in Paris. This is your opportunity to buy products directly from the farmers, artisans, and craftsmen from around the French countryside.

I especially like the angora socks, aligot, candles, and specialty baked goods. You’ll also find great deals on holiday presents, such as local wine, cheeses, and hand-crafted goods.

The next market will be November 21 and 22 in the 12th arr. on Boulevard de Reuilly. This is a good sized market and you should find plenty of goodies to eat and enjoy.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving in Paris

Thursday is just another day for most Parisians. But for the expats, it’s a time to defrost the Tofurkey, gather your friends and have a feast. With that in mind, i wanted to share a few links.

20, rue Saint Paul (4°)
01 42 77 68 28 or 29
Metro: St.Paul, Sully Morland
Cajun restaurant and American groceries

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