Indiana Cafe = Bait and Switch

I don’t write many bad reviews on this blog. I’m more interested in highlighting good places to visit than practicing my Yelp review cynicism. However, I will try to warn vegetarians in advance of places to avoid.

Indiana Cafe is a popular “Tex Mex” restaurant chain in Paris. You’ll find their distinctive red/black awnings and tables at any fashionable or popular area. The menu is filled with dishes inspired by American food and is a good place to go if you are a meat eater. One of my co-workers loves their hamburgers. He also fell in love with the Double bacon cheeseburger at Jack in the Box while visiting California. …I’m just saying…

Indiana Cafe’s menu also features a veggie burger, enchiladas, and salad. I’ve visited them twice and the veggie burger is not available. I think they’ve permanently stopped serving it, but leave it on the menu. This is really frustrating as it would be great to have lunch with friends and enjoy a veggie burger.

Instead you are left choosing a marginal salad or the enchiladas. I grew up on the border of Mexico in San Diego. I know enchiladas. I’ve worked with enchiladas. These are not enchiladas. Enchiladas should not have 15 ingredients within the masa envelope. These are a mess.

So be warned if you venture within the red and black Indiana Cafe. Your meat eating friends may enjoy it but you’ll find yourself with mediocre food for too much money.