Paris Vegetarian updates

There are a few updates to Paris Vegetarian that I wanted to pull together in a single post.

  1. Shortly after writing about my favorite chef: Jacques, he left the restaurant I highlighted (Chez Alexandre). Don’t worry, their key clientelle will remain the same and you should still be able to order vegan and vegetarian dishes. Just not from Jacques.
  2. I returned to La Victoire, Suprême du Coeur last night. My main objection during my first visit was the dry, tasteless bread. I was pleased to find they’ve switched to Poilaine instead. Try their pumpkin/coconut milk soup.
  3. I’ve been working on V3GGIE, the vegetarian search engine. It was recently featured in Culinary School Guides list of 100 helpful search engines for foodies, chefs, farms, and more. Check out their blog. They have some extremely useful lists, such as Top blogs for Foodies.
  4. I’m working on a new search engine that will capture the local buzz from sites like Paris Vegetarian. Its focus is the community blog, restaurant guide, chefs. It will skip the global sites, such as Zagat or Fodors. I think the results will be interesting. Here’s a sneak peak at a prototype: Tartine.
  5. Fall has hit Paris. The days are getting chilly and my focus has shifted to soups. Look for a round up of Paris Potage soon.