Chez Prosper – 11th Arr.

Sometimes you need a stick to your ribs dinner. Sometimes you need a joyful place to eat with noisy locals and waiters with a sense of humor. Sometimes you need a place you can always count on for a good meal. Sometimes you need all of the above.

Chez Prosper salad chevalier
Chez Prosper is a busy bistro tucked into the corner of Place Nation. It sits in the shadow of an old tax collecting station from the old gates of Paris. It’s a retro-bistro that looks as if it has been serving the masses for the past 100 years.

It’s not a vegetarian restaurant but it does feature one of my favorite salads of all time.

The Salad Chevalier is simple, yet ultimately satisfying. It starts with a layer of greens, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Then a heaping layer of sautéed potato slices are added. Topping off this salad is a tartine with three melted cheeses.

Salad dressing is provided in an old coke bottle for you to use as much as you like. Personally, I pour on this sunflower oil/mustard dressing. I’ve never left Chez Prosper without being full, happy, and satisfied.

If your meat eating friends are like mine, they’ll enjoy the salmon in blue cheese sauce and the steak tartar. I also recommend the dark chocolate tart with extra crème anglais for the finale.

Pros: Chez Prosper is a great value for your dollar, the Salad Chevalier will cost around 10.50 Euros. No reservations are required. The bread is bottomless. The staff is contagiously happy. Chez Prosper has two sister restaurants with slightly different menus.

Cons: It can get crowded, noisy, and smoky indoors. But that is what you’d expect in a popular Parisian bistro.

Chez Prosper
7, Avenue du Trône, Paris France 75011
Metro: Nation
  • Overall: 4/5
  • Vegetarian Options: 3/5
  • Vegan Options: 2/5
  • Value: 5/5
  • Location: 4/5

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4 thoughts on “Chez Prosper – 11th Arr.

  1. Sounds positively delicious! Thanks for an informative review – perhaps you would care to also share your opinion with the travel community at trivago?
    Greetings from Cape Town,

  2. Not a vegetarian, but I discovered this wonderfully charming bistro the last time I was in Paris. I can’t say enough about the friendliness of this establishment from the host at the door to my young server who actually complimented me on my american accent when I tried to speak French.

    Since the above article was written, smoking has been banned in restaurants in Paris so it is no longer smokey. Noisy and crowded, yes.

    Paris and New York

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