Piccolo Teatro in the Marais is now closed

Piccolo Teatro
The Piccolo Teatro was a small, romantic restaurant in the Marais district. After reading reviews on the internet, I was anxious to try it. Unfortunately, this restaurant’s web site (the web site is also gone) states they are closed and in fact the place is for sale.

Gordon Ramsay Steps In

This restaurant was featured on Gordon Ramsey‘s television show. He tried to give the owner a new chance to succeed. Alas, this wasn’t successful. I’ve posted this information to let people know the status, there are plenty of outdated mentions on other sites.

Piccolo Teatro
6, rue des Ecouffes (4°)
01 42 72 17 79
Metro: St-Paul
Closed Restaurant

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29 thoughts on “Piccolo Teatro in the Marais is now closed

  1. Thank goodness it is closed. The woman who owned it was lazy and uncommitted. She had more committment to a cat than to her responsibilty of her finances to her father who helped finance the business. She was a looser and probably a spoiled brat. Looks like a daddy girl who never grew up.

  2. Shame on the former owner. She was as bad as her first “Chef” and her waitress friend. The three of them together resembled a circus act more than a restaraunt staff. Her laziness and apathy certainly destroyed the business and made for a bad experience for a promising young chef. Daddy should have laid the law down a long time ago.

  3. I can’t believe how Rachel could treat her father so poorly. Her laziness and arrogance were outdone only by the cavalier way she treated him, being so willing to let him bail her out. I hope he learned his lesson and lets her make her own way. She does not deserve another chance.

  4. I would like to know if india the replacement chef is still working at gordon’s restaurant in London?

  5. Okay, I haven’t seen the show, but I did eat at the restaurant and can say that it’s a shame it’s gone. The woman who served us (I believe she was the owner) had the chef prepare a wonderful off-menu plate for me when I explained I was vegan. We ordered the least expensive bottle of wine, and when she realized they were out, gave us a different one at the same price. The food was delicious, and the restaurant was charming. One of my favorite Paris memories.

  6. I have never eaten at Piccolo, but these comments are hurtful to say the least.

  7. Bonjour,
    j’aimerais savoir si le restaurant est toujours en vente???
    Merci de repondre,
    Amicalement Vanessa

  8. J’ai justement vu une émission cet aprés midi sur W9 qui montrait Gordon Ramsay en train d’essayer de remonter l’affaire. C’est vraiment dommage mais heureusement il a eu l’air d’avoir trouvé une perle en India.

  9. The success of this tale is India and nothing more….Things truly happen for a reason. The sad truth that was Rachael is miniscule to the triumphant achievement that is India…

    Kudos to Chef Ramsay for his recognition and consideration to India.

  10. I would like to get in contact with Rachael or her father I am interested in the restaurant if they still have any say in it.

  11. What a Real Shame. Some Spoiled Brats are handed $$ and Business Opportunities …. but because of their selfishness and complete inability to see beyond their own puny lives they let a Great Opportunity slip away and fuck with others livelihoods at the same time… Good Riddance Rachel…
    The Marais is better off without you and India will certainly surpass anything you were incapable of.

  12. I was walking through the Marais a week ago and thought I was on the street where this restaurant was. I think it has has been converted into a retail store. I could be wrong.

  13. I hoped that India would have been given a go at running the restaurant. What an opportunity it would have been for her. A shame.

  14. Its a real shame, what a lovely place. I still want to marry the owner Rachel though!
    Does anyone know what happened to the unit?, the rent isn’t so bad compared to London, I’d love to live in Paris..Unfortunately my dad has about £10 in the bank 🙂

  15. Rachael was the problem from the start ,she surrounds herself with friends(1st waitress) and people(1st night chef..if you want to call that guy a chef) that are lazy thats why she failed .
    Like they say you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink it.

    JUst happy India was taken under his wing ..I hope she(india) did well.

  16. I have to say- this owner is a great example about “sticking it” to your Father. I actually hurt after watching that episode. Her Father was concerned for her well-being. Later, she employed a wonderful aspiring Chef named India. Only to have no concern for her well-being and left her without a job in Paris. This woman is a good example of a bad-seed and unable to show any responsibility for her family. Why is it? In life some “spoiled brats” are handed golden opportunities and waste the chance? You can look into her face and see the fake concern toward the buisness. On top of everthing- She had a great Chef like Gordon Ramsay come and help. That was a life-time chance. I feel sorry for her Father and cat.

  17. piccolo teatro has hit rockbottom!
    this is fucking so sad!
    je suis serieux! bonsoir, monsieurs et mesdames!

  18. I think the real problem may have been drugs. She had that kind of vacant look in her eyes. She also seemed to dislike India. A person with drive and enthusiasm.
    A search for Rachel McNally on Google will tell the rest of the story.

  19. i saw the tv show today from portugal…so sad, to me, the owner problem are drugs, drinks and cigars. my parents can not help me like her father…i would like to try that food…

  20. While watching the last part of the episode on Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares I told my wife that I thought Rachel was a coke head. It didn’t dawn on me until then but it all came together when she showed up late that day, calm, confident, smoking like a feign, etc.

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