Exki – fast, ecological, and tasty meals around Paris

Exki is one of the many new healthy fast-food restaurants that have opened in Paris recently. There are several locations in the city to get a quick salad, juice, and meal for lunch.

Exki has a strong commitment to organic food. Here’s a snippet from their web site:

Nous sélectionnons pour vous les meilleurs ingrédients saisonniers.

Nous refusons l’usage de tout additif.

Certains de nos produits sont labellisés BIO. Par exemple le pain, confectionné et cuit artisanalement sur pierre, sans aucun “améliorant” artificiel. Pour garantir sa fraîcheur, nous terminons sa cuisson, chaque matin, dans nos restaurants.

Sont également BIO : le lait, le yaourt, les jets de légumes, des tartelettes, des biscuits, des confitures,…
Exki philosophie

I have not visited this restaurant yet, so I cannot give a review.

9, boulevard des Italiens (2°)
118, avenue de France (13°)
82, boulevard du Montparnasse (14°)
01 42 61 06 52

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Le Fierbois Yogurt

Le Fierbois YogurtLast week I noticed a small bottle of Lemon Le Fierbois yogurt in the fromagerie stand at my local market. In a fit of whimsy, I added it to my order. It sat in my fridge for a few days and I remembered it while looking for breakfast yesterday.

This was an eye opener! I’ve had premium yogurts before. In the US, they are typically creamier and the fruit is not swimming in a sugar sauce. But nothing like this yogurt. It has bite. It has character. It has chunks of lemon peel and fruit.

Needless to say, this yogurt is filled with taste.

It comes directly from the farms of Touraine, in the Loire Valley. You can purchase this online from FoundIt4Food in the UK. Expect to pay around 1.10 Euros at your local fromagerie in France.

I also like the glass bottles with resealable lids. These will be great for water jars while painting in the field.

Piccolo Teatro in the Marais is now closed

Piccolo Teatro
The Piccolo Teatro was a small, romantic restaurant in the Marais district. After reading reviews on the internet, I was anxious to try it. Unfortunately, this restaurant’s web site (the web site is also gone) states they are closed and in fact the place is for sale.

Gordon Ramsay Steps In

This restaurant was featured on Gordon Ramsey‘s television show. He tried to give the owner a new chance to succeed. Alas, this wasn’t successful. I’ve posted this information to let people know the status, there are plenty of outdated mentions on other sites.

Piccolo Teatro
6, rue des Ecouffes (4°)
01 42 72 17 79
Metro: St-Paul
Closed Restaurant

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